You can now watch the award winning documentary “Artificial Reefs, the True Story of the Carmen Fabiana” on Vimeo

The vessel Carmen Fabiana, originally named M.S. EDGAR LEHMANN, was built by the Van Diepen Broth, LTD Waterhuizen shipyard in (GRONINGEN) Holland. Its net weight was 1,856 metric tons. Its LOA 115 mts. (350 feet) and it sunk at Guabina Bay in the State of Aragua in Venezuela, the 14th of May 2000. This ship was originally involved in an insurance claim due to an intense fire that destroyed almost all of its living quarters and engineering room. The insurance company declared the vessel a total loss and in order to avoid dock(s) payment it was given away for scrap. According to the disaster report of the Venezuelan Port Authority, the sinking occurred when the vessel was being towed to the Port of La Guaira. Zuri Zorazu and myself witnessed the towing maneuvers while shooting a documentary about wrecks when it was been taken out of the Puerto Cabello Port. Six days later while filming on Guabina we discovered the ship laying on its starboard side at a depth of 42 meters (140 feet).

You can now watch the award winning documentary on Vimeo. Shot between the year 2000 and 2006, this documentary covers a five (05) year exploration of the vessel as it became an artificial reef. Follow link to Vimeo:

Video Length: 25 minutes long.

Resolution: 720 x 480 enhanced.